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Effects & Dangers Of Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills

Substance. 250.8mg of MDMA have been identified in this pill. Check the risk of overdose for this pill in the KnowDrugs app …

Orange Tesla ecstasy pills are orange, shaped like a shield with the Tesla logo on them, and contain MDMA/ecstasy. These pills are growing in popularity.

Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills | Dangers & Effects

Tesla. Sold as: MDMA / Ecstasy. MDMA. 173.20 mg. Feb 13, 2023 (Tested: Feb 07, 2023), Zurich, Switzerland, SaferParty.ch [ Direct Link ].

Orange Tesla ecstasy pills contain MDMA. These small orange tablets have gained a reputation for being unregulated and potentially dangerous.

What is a Tesla MDMA Pill and Does it Have Side Effects

3,4-metyleenidioksimetamfetamiini on Orange Tesla -ecstasy-pillereiden (MDMA) aktiivinen ainesosa. Pienet oranssit tabletit ovat kilven muotoisia, ja niissä on …

We take a look at what Tesla pills are and explore the potentially dangerous side effects this branded MDMA pill can have on the body and brain.

How Tesla Ecstasy Pills Became The Hot Way To Get High

Tesla – KnowDrugs

MDMA Pills With the Tesla Logo on Them Are Ludicrously …

MDMA Pills With the Tesla Logo on Them Are Ludicrously Strong

They’re about twice as strong as normal pills.

Man caught bringing ‘MDMA Tesla’ ecstasy into festival

Creamfields: Man caught bringing ‘MDMA Tesla’ ecstasy into festival – BBC News

The 20-year-old was trying to bring high strength ecstasy tablets into the Daresbury event, police say.

Test Results – DrugsData.org

DrugsData.org: Test Results

DrugsData.org lab analysis and drug checking results

Osta Orange Tesla Ecstasy -pillereitä – Medicinas Inc

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